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Custom Packaging Inserts and Partitions: Box Up Your Products Properly

Let's organize and protect products by adding inserts in the boxes.

Die-Cut Box Insert
Die-Cut Insert
Fence Box Partition
Fence Partition
Foam Box Insert
Foam Insert
Custom Printed Packaging Inserts
Packaging Insert
Punch Hole Box Insert
Punch Hole Partition
Scored Pad Box Divider
Scored Pad Insert
Square Cell Box Divider
Square Cell Divider
Tray Box Insert
Tray Insert

The Functions of Box Dividers and Inserts

They offer specialized packaging solutions that divide and store items in boxes. These products are designed and created to provide an effective and efficient packaging solution and protect boxed items that require segregation and space optimization. JoJoPackaging offers the best dividers and inserts to meet your needs.

Our products range from trays and partitions to product separators and packing cushions, designed to provide the best security and protection for stored items. Whether you are shipping fragile items or pharmaceutical products that need to be stored safely, our packaging inserts and dividers are tailored to guarantee superior quality and usability.

Why Should Businesses Use Packaging Inserts?

Box inserts have many advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • Better Product Organization: They will help you organize the contents of your box more efficiently and in less time. Keeping items organized will save time and energy when it comes to packaging and shipping.
  • Excellent Safety and Durability: Inserts are designed to provide superior protection for the items in a box, and the material used to make them is also very robust, able to withstand the shipping journey.
  • Space Optimization: Inserts and dividers will ensure that the product storage spaces are optimized, thus enabling the maximum number of items to be stored in the packaging boxes.

Types of Product Packaging Inserts

At JojoPackaging, we offer various types of box inserts, including the following:

  • Foam Inserts: They are one of the most popular box inserts due to their cushioning and shock absorption for your products. These inserts can be made of various materials, such as foam, rubber, sponge, and felt, and come in many different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for customizing the fit of your boxes.
  • Cardboard Inserts: They are not as common as foam inserts, but they are an ideal choice for heavier items. These inserts provide airflow between the box and the product, helping to keep them secure and protect them from damage. They are light-weight and generally cheaper than other types of inserts. They are a great choice for shipping lightweight items, providing increased protection while remaining cost-effective.

Pack Products Securely - Every Time

JojoPackaging offers superior quality packaging materials with guaranteed safety and durability. We cater to a variety of packaging needs and prioritize customer service, striving to provide the most effective and efficient solutions in the shortest amount of time.

You will find a wide selection of custom-made box inserts tailored to meet the needs of each customer. Our products are designed and created to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility, and our team of experts is committed to providing the best product and customer service. We stand by our products and guarantee our customers' satisfaction with all purchases.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Packaging Project

If you have any questions, comments, or queries, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is available to assist with any product-related inquiries.

JoJoPackaging creates custom boxes with inserts, providing the highest-quality products to ensure our customers are satisfied. You can trust us for all of your packaging needs, enjoying the convenience of a professional and efficient solution.